When you think of a bank, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Seriousness. Well, the way banks are seen in Romania is quite demanding, cold and not at all sporty. Raifeissen bank decided to adjust its strategy and go for a wider audience, a younger and very active one.


Where do you find young, energetic people? At music festivals, of course. So here we are, attending one of the biggest festivals in Romania, with our first banking client. What do you do?
Think outside the box. Surpass expectations and built trust. In order to spread our client’s message of uniqueness, our proposal included a lot of out of the box sports, not so accessible for the masses, but made available in an instant by Raifeissen: stand up paddle, surf VR, ski jets, flyboarding, tubing.

  •   Raiffeisen Bank
  •   Neversea 2018
  •   Mamaia
  •   5-8 July 2018
  •   VR 360 Surf Experience
      Sports activations: FlyBoard, SkiJets,
      Stand-Up Paddle, Balance Board
      20 specialized water sports instructors