Finding alternatives for going out is hard. As a brand, offering people fun alternatives, combined with sports sounds like mission impossible.
Nevertheless, what if you had the chance to combine the concept of going out with actually going out of town in a short vacation and party, practice your snowboard skills and get a winter tan?
Stalinskaya is a brand, which empowers people to be strong and get most out of everything. Therefore, offering people 100% authentic fun is one of the brand’s objectives.


Using our strong roots, deep into winter sports, we decided it’s time so share our secret with Stalinskaya, so the #winterweekend concept was born.
#winterweekend is a series of parties and sports events in Poiana Brasov dedicated to sports lovers, party animals who are ready to receive the whole winter kit: ready slope, ready to drink Stalinskaya Music and ready to party people.

  •   Stalinskaya Music
  •   #winterweekend

  •   Poiana Brasov

  •   23 December 2015 – 14 February 2016
  •   10 #winterweekend editions
      35,000+ attendants
      3,200+ engaged participants
      1,300+ “Cupa de Ski & Snowboard” race competitors