Actimel, as part of Danone Romania wanted to enforce their communication on the #haicapoti claim and took a new approach by addressing the winter sports lovers at their playground, Poiana Brasov.


2 initiatives took place simultaneously each weekend of the season. Postavaru chalet, where our teams would encourage tourists and locals to persist in their quest for improving their skiing techniques spreading the #haicapoti claim, and also offering everyone the chance to enjoy one bottle of Actimel on the slope. The second team was formed of ambassadors of the winter that would address people on the slopes that were resting or just taking a break to enjoy the view.

  •   Actimel

  •   #haicapoti

  •   Cabana Postavaru, Poiana Brasov

  •   4 weekends, 2018-2019 Winter Season

  •   4000+ visitors that took the Actimel Balance Board Challenge
      Hundreds of colossally small prizes